High Protein Balls 70g (x 10)

HIGH PROTEIN BALLS Our Best Tasting Healthy Protein Snack 70g MULTI-LAYER BALLS | High Protein | Low Carb | Made with highest quality whey, milk & plant proteins | No artificial sweetener | No added...

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Our Best Tasting Healthy Protein Snack

70g MULTI-LAYER BALLS | High Protein | Low Carb | Made with highest quality whey, milk & plant proteins | No artificial sweetener | No added sugar | Gluten free | Flavours: White Choc Honeycomb and Cookies & Cream.

When you're on the go!

High Protein Balls good protein low carbohydrate.

In today's hectic world it can be tricky enough planning 3 healthy meals a day, let alone organising nutritious snacks as well. Body Science High Protein Balls are a convenient, tasty, nutritious snack that you can eat on the run. Designed for males and females, athletes, bodybuilders or anyone looking for a high protein, low carb snack, Body Science High Protein Balls taste great and won’t disappoint.

Frequent ingestion of high quality protein sources throughout the day is important if you want to maximise  lean muscle mass. Protein synthesis is a continuous activity that requires a balanced supply of amino acids (3). Consuming high quality protein sources throughout the day helps maintain blood amino acid concentrations and helps increase protein synthesis (3).  This is of obvious benefit to those wanting to maximise their lean muscle mass, and is also useful for those looking to get in shape. Let’s remember that for anyone looking to shed those extra kilos, it’s fat that you want to lose. If you lose muscle mass during energy restriction your metabolic rate will drop, making it increasingly difficult to lose the desired body fat. Lean muscle tissue burns calories and helps ensure your metabolic rate remains high. So when dieting you need to maintain adequate protein intake while simultaneously restricting your calorie intake.

Body Science High Protein Balls are a great inclusion in your diet as they deliver over 20g of protein per serve, but are low in carbohydrates, contain no added sugar, are gluten free and are also a good source of fibre. And as if that’s not enough, they taste amazing, busting the myth that healthy snacks can’t taste good.

So whether you’re looking to maximise lean muscle mass, get in shape or ensure a regular supply of quality protein throughout the day, Body Science High Protein Balls are a great inclusion in your diet. And they are delicious! With a crispy shell and soft centre, it’s hard to believe they are actually providing high protein and low carbohydrate nutrition. They can be taken any time of the day – as a tasty in-between meal snack to satisfy those cravings and maintain adequate protein intake, or as a convenient post-workout protein hit to aid recovery and maintain lean muscle mass.

Get the protein your body needs without the carbohydrates with Body Science High Protein Balls. Recommended intake is 1 x 70g serve per day.


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