With an extensive travel schedule only matched by their intensive 3x a day training regime, keeping 39 Professional rugby players fuelled on premium nutrition is an absolute must do for the team behind the team at Chiefs Rugby.

With the stringent requirements of WADA athlete drug testing in play, it was an absolute requirement of the Chiefs and NZRFU that their supplement partner be part of the HASTA banned substance testing program.  This ensures that EVERY Bodyscience product Chiefs players put in their bodies has been individually batch tested to guarantee it is FREE OF BANNED SUBSTANCES. 


On training and recovery days the players use Nitrovol LEAN MUSCLE or WPI along with  Creatine Monohydrate and Essential Aminos- depending on individual player requirements, their nutritionist selects the right protein formula based on recovery and positional requirements, with some players needed to add or maintain playing weight and other to drop as lean and mobile as possible.

On game day, Pre Workout are used in the sheds and convenient BSc RTD Protein Milk and Low Carb bars are added to the kit for travel on away matches.


Waikato Chiefs Super Rugby BSc Body Science NZ