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Body Science (BSc) is an Australian owned brand that has been formulating sports specific supplements since 1999.  In 2002, the group was asked to formulate nutritional supplements for the Sydney Roosters Rugby league Club.  Since that time, Body Science have grown to be one of Australasia’s largest supplier of sports supplements and compression gear, sponsoring the biggest and best names in sport within our region.


In 2011 after being a BSc sponsored athlete for 3 years, and being constantly asked “where can I get BSc in New Zealand?”, Michael Kingsnorth founded Revolution Supplements Ltd and secured the licence to be the New Zealand distributor or BSc Sports Nutrition. 

Revolution Supplements was founded with the vision that the market was due to change and that both elite New Zealand athletes and general consumers would shift their mind-set of supplements being the domain of gym trainers and bodybuilders. 

When that uptake occurred they would demand a proven; high quality; trusted and safe product range and BSc would be seen as the premium choice within the market.


We were right.


Body Science, What Sets Us Apart?


Quality Ingredients and Manufacturing Procedures.


At BSc, as part of our Food Safety Management Programme, we fund our Food Manufacturers being audited by third parties to help ensure on-going product safety and quality.

This is referred to as our Vendor Quality Assurance Programme and focusses on the following scopes:

  1. Food Safety – review of manufacturer’s HACCP and Food Safety Management programmes including good Manufacturing Practice on site.
  2. Quality Assurance – review of manufacturer’s quality assurance systems and procedures.
  3. Efficiency – manufacturing efficiencies,
  4. Recovery and waste,
  5. Approved ingredients – ensure manufacturers use only approved ingredients in Body Science products.


To implement the Vendor Quality Assurance Programme, BSc funds the services of HACCP Australia.  HACCP Australia is devoted to the development and implementation of HACCP based food safety programmes.  Across their business they have significant experience in this auditing.


Each manufacturing partner is placed on an audit cycle.  The frequency of auditing is determined according to Body Science’s internal selection criteria.  The selection criteria assess the auditing requirements of each manufacture based on the following:

  • Risks identified in initial audit.
  • Number of orders manufactured per year
  • Number of different products made
  • Where products are distributed
  • Ongoing supplier relationship


BSc also fund their own Protein and Microbiological testing from laboratories that provide expert scientific service to food, pharmaceutical and biological manufacturing industry.  This funded audit test assists BSc in their review for independent quality testing of protein, micro and so on.


The product testing is co-ordinated by our Regulatory Affairs Officer.  The RAO also maintains the product testing register and results.


We continue to differentiate ourselves from the ‘crowd' by going beyond consumer expectations.  By offering the highest quality raw materials, competitive pricing and free technical support; therefore, ensuring that every Body Science product delivers measurable results.



All BSc sports nutrition products are scientifically formulated to help you exceed your health and fitness goals.  Our sports nutrition range is backed by cutting edge scientific research, the latest clinical studies and specific feedback and input form elite athletes.  Each product in the BSc range contains what is listed on the label, ingredients for nothing less than your best results.  The BSc research and development teams’ innovation, scientific scrutiny and customer focus have led to the development of products that represent the benchmark of elite sports persons, something which all other supplement manufacturers strive for.




From the growing feedback to our R & D team about the effects of ingredients on our health and performance, packaging and just as importantly the raw material sources of our very precious planet, the evolution of CLEAN RANGE was born.


Where we can, we use an ingredient that stacks up to our company mission, to advance the relationships between natural healthcare and sports performance quality.


If it’s an option we consider:

  1. Allergen Free
  2. Organic
  3. Harvested from eco sources
  4. Recyclable packaging
  5. Natural sweeteners


Natural by definition is a product that is not altered or treated which forms the essence of the CLEAN range.


All ingredients sourced in the naturals range are of the upmost quality.  CLEAN products are free from solvents; GMO’s; artificial colours; artificial sweeteners; artificial preservatives; artificial flavours; herbicides, and pesticides.


Just one look at our CLEAN label, every ingredient is declared on the front of the package for full consumer disclosure.


All products in the CLEAN range are manufactured in Australia ensuring you get the cleanest and purest product possible.




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