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BSc Body Science NZ


Starting off as the typical skin and bones teenager, Mike hit the weights hard to develop one the most winning physiques in New Zealand bodybuilding, earning titles of Junior Mr Auckland, along with Wellington; Pan Pacific; Australasian; 3 x New Zealand National Championship and Overall Mr New Zealand. 

In 2008 Mike made his debut in the IFBB Professional Bodybuilding ranks, where his height, along with wide shoulders, narrow waist, rock hard conditioning and dynamic posing made him an instant fan favourite.

 After 9 years away from competition Mike returned to the Pro stage, achieving a sensational 5th in the Pro Mens Classic Physique in the Vancouver Pro Show

Having always struggled to put on weight, Mike's training intensity is that of a man on a mission, living by the creed of "want it more than anyone else" Mike pushes his body to the limit constantly.  

Such training requires Mike to year round rely on Triandrobol TEST used twice a day, morning and night, and Collagen Regenerate with his breakfast and post training shake to repair connective tissue such as tendons and ligaments from the stresses of hard heavy training.


Off Seaon Mikes recovery is supported heavily by Nitrovol LEAN MUSCLE and during every training session MYOCYTIN Creatine Transport formula for strength,  fuel and intra workout recovery. 


To get in to the condition required to stand onstage with the worlds best in those low single figure bodyfat percentages, Mike uses ULTRA Shred every morning before fasted cardio, and again pre training. 

His Pre comp protein choice changes to the low carb ATHLETE  Standard Whey, to rapidly absorb into the muscle reducing muscle breakdown while low on calories and high on workload.

Michael Kingsnorth IFBB Pro BodyScience BSc


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