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BSc Body Science NZ


Down on the farm never looked like this......

Country girl and farm gal Aimee has competed at the highest level of amateur international bikini competition, taking runner up in the prestigious Arnold Sports Festival in Colombus Ohio, USA.  In 2018 in the heart of Muscle Beach, Bikini was awarded her Wbff PRO CARD and is now deep in off season training for her Professional Debut in 2019.


Aimee's training requires extreme attention to detail, competitors are required to present the perfect level of conditioning and muscle, toned muscle with tight but not bodybuilding type condition is the goal, and the PRO competitors are the best in the world with the judges having to split the finest of hairs in deciding a winner.


To compete at Pro level Aimee will follow a strict diet, with focus on the cleanest of food choices, gradual lowering of calories, hours of cardio training all to burn of fat in the right places, and partnered with a highly specialized weight training program to perfectly develop the required muscle to the optimum level.

To fuel this training, Aimee's favourite BSc tools are geared toward a maximum recovery protocol while retaining hard earned muscle, wearing Compression garments during training, WPI, Glutamine and Essential Amino Fuel.



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