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Cortisol, Fat Storage & Hydroxburn Clinical

“Cortisol on its own is not going to make you fat.  It will contribute to it 100%, NO QUESTION”

“Cortisol is not something you can escape.  It’s a natural part of daily function.  So, it’s like taxes…… you don’t want to pay any more tax than you have to. 

So that’s why you find a good accountant and so they help you with your taxes”



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Acute stress, is the sudden urgent type of event in your life such as being attacked or in a crash etc, and our bodies response is to release Cortisol to aid in the physical support of that event.

It does this by increasing the craving of higher sugar and fatty foods for energy; increasing blood sugar; reducing the bodies process of using stored fat as energy; potentially catabolizing some muscle tissue from our extremities.....

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