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Putting our body under the stress of fat burning....can inhibit FAT BURNING.


Think about that for a moment, trying to burn fat, can make it harder to burn fat!!


To understand how this happens, needs a bit of 101 about the body's response to stress, and to understand what stress is, which we'll do without trying to bore you with excessive science.  It's our job to do the BodyScience, and make it easier for you right?


Stress comes to us in two states, Acute and Chronic.

Acute stress, is the sudden urgent type of event in your life such as being attacked or in a crash etc, and our bodies response is to release Cortisol to aid in the physical support of that event.

It does this by increasing the craving of higher sugar and fatty foods for energy; increasing blood sugar; reducing the bodies process of using stored fat as energy; potentially catabolizing some muscle tissue from our extremities (legs and arms); increasing blood pressure.  All of this is to assist in case we are not going to get fed in a while, are injured or in need of immediate energy boost. 

Chronic stress is the day to day kind, the bills, the boss....the better half etc.  So we wake up in the morning with cortisol in our system as the bodies way of getting us going, and ideally it would dissipate reasonably quickly and we go about our day.


Unfortunately our body does not distinguish between the two, and so with our chronic stress, kicking in at about 10.30am when the boss calls you into the office or the mail delivers a final notice letter,,,we eat a muffin, etc.


Trying to lose fat, be it for personal health reasons or comp prep, is stressful, we think about it....A LOT.  Is the diet working? Can I last 8 more weeks? Will I fit my dress on the big day? Damm I'm hungry etc. All stressors, all increasing fat storage and reducing fat metabolism.


2 Key ingredients that can assist are CHROMIUM and BLUENESS.

Chromium can help with few important things:

  • Assist with sugar balancing, reducing the dumping of sugar into blood after consuming carbs (a bit like lowering the GI of that food)
  • Helping reduce insulin resistance, which in turn assists the body with how we use and burn off those high energy sugars
  • Increasing mental focus and acuity.  When we're cutting cals or carbs, it is easy to feel a bit more tired, losing focus and performance, feeling lethargic and craving sugars for energy.  For me, I seriously respond well to this function of Chromium with increased mental performance after taking it.

Blueness is:

  • A clinically trialed and proven ancient extract from Bavaria.
  • In does of 300mg it has shown to reduce Cortisol in people
  • Increase mood and cognitive function for 30 - 120 mins.

Interestingly, in the study, 600mg was found to be less effective, so MORE is NOT BETTER.


BSc have combined both of these ingredients in Bodyscience CLINICAL, a 2 a day tablet product, with a strong dose of Green Tea, the plan here is to:


  1. Reduce Cortisol and it's effect
  2. Increase mental capacity and drive
  3. Reduce sugar craving while improving sugar balancing
  4. Enhance metabolic activity and energy burned at rest.Hydroxyburn CLINICAL



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