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Life in the Mum Lane – Comp Prep Style

By Courtney MacKenzie

I am always asked “how do you do it?” I often wonder that myself!  Being a parent is a tough job as it is, and throwing extra activities into the mix can sometimes make life seem more stressful.  As a busy mum working full time it can be hard to squeeze exercise and healthy eating into your daily routine.  Sometimes the easy option is less stressful…trust me, I get it.

But it doesn’t have to be!  I have learned that it is more about how you prioritise things and not sweating the small stuff.  I am a mother, a wife, a full time worker, and a sponsored athlete.  Responsibilities coming at me from all directions.  When I prep for my competitions I make my training and food prep a priority where possible to reach my goals.

Here are my top 5 tips for the busy working parent in prep mode:

  1. Bulk cook for your family (and your meal prep) - Generally my diet is different than my families so ill cook them something different but occasionally do a batch of something nutritious that can easily have a salad or vegetable option added, saving time a few nights a week.


  1. Search your local butcher and markets for fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. Your grocery bill can get high when prepping and buying lean meats.  Sometimes shopping local and finding deals will be more forgiving on the pocket than popping down to the convenient supermarket.


  1. Pick a time to train in the day and stick to it. Routine and time management is key.  I prefer to train in the morning where able, because it feels as though I have a full day ahead.  Since starting a new job I’ve had to change my training to the evening after the kids have gone to bed so it pays to be ADAPTABLE where possible! (again, don’t sweat the small stuff).


  1. Have a good support network. Not everyone is going to understand your journey, and you can’t expect them to.  So find someone in your network to bounce your ideas or frustrations off.  Bringing home the hangry parent is not going to lead to a productive family life.


  1. This is my most important tip. Never feel guilty!  We have spent months, maybe years looking after others.  We cook, clean, nurture, pick up, drop off, pull money off  the money tree, be a referee, manage everyone’s schedules, look after sick, grumpy or sad kids, turn up to their sport games or school trips.  But when it comes to doing something for yourself in a somewhat selfish sport, it is easy to feel guilty.  It seems unnatural to put the focus on yourself when you are so used to focusing on others.  It is something I still struggle with.  But what you are also doing is being a role model and showing what dedication is.  Find that good balance between your responsibilities and chasing your own goals.


It goes without saying, I am fortunate to be affiliated with a quality brand like Bodyscience.  I believe 100% that I would not have achieved what I have without their products.  When I am in my last 12 or so weeks of prep I use Bodyscience WPI Protein powder, Cola BCAA’s and Hydroxyburn Shred.  If you haven’t tried Hydroxyburn Shred already then get some!  It is a must have for your summer stack.  Coupled with your training regime and healthy diet it will boost your fat loss to the next level.  The added energy and mental boost is a bonus!


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