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Hydroxyburn SHRED - How Does It Work?

Summers coming and the rush to Shred is getting intense

Click on this link to view the Podcast about BSc Hydroxyburn SHRED and how it works to support your fat burning efforts (the podcast goes for 26mins)

Otherwise, just read the summary below, I've made it easier.

Guest Speaker:       
  • Dr Brad McKewan
    • PhD University of Sydney
    • Masters of Health Science in Human Nutrition
    • 19 Years Clinical Experience
    • Dorothy Hall Memorial Award winner for Advancement of Natural Medicine in Australia

Formula Summary:
Hydroxyburn Shred is Therapeutically designed, it is not formulated by having a larger number of small ineffective quantities just for marketing.
More than just heating the body, it helps with getting you through to the end of the day
Ingredients Summary:

  • Garcinia:             
    • A more potent version of Hydroxy Citric Acid
    • Builds up the metabolism and thermogenesis
    • Aids in appetite suppression (“You’ll still eat, you’ll just eat less”)
    • Aids Fatty Acid metabolism


  • Acetyl L-Carnitine:
    • CLINICALLY Dosed (nb: 4mgs per day, proven to increase fat burning by 55%), one of the highest in the market.
    • When Krebs cycle slows down, and you’re starting to feel tired and lethargic, ALC drives fatty acid into the Krebs cycle for an energy boost, this is Beta Oxidation, giving you longer term stamina and endurance.  You’re not just exclusively burning Carbs, or Fats….it's both.  ALC increases the fat utilization part of the process.
    • Acetyl v standard carnitine: ALC does a better and faster job of driving that fat into the energy cycle, and increases mental focus.  Perfect for when we’re tired from the grind or the diet.
    • Faster Recovery through picking up “left over fats”, not having to wait for glycogen replenishment.


  • Caffeine
    • Besides the well know mental stimulation benefits, aids in Vaso Dilation, enabling more of the effective fat burners into the cells to do the job we want.
    • Anti Inflammatory and Anti Oxidant.
    • No Jittery feelings with BSc caffeine dose and system
    • Nb: Hydroxyburn Shred uses 3 Caffeine sources for staged release into the system (one of which is Green Tea), this will likely be part of the reason there is no jitters, its not one drastic hit.


  • Tyrosine
    • Aids in Thyroid function
    • Partnered with other ingredients aids in energetic pathways
    • Nb: Tyrosine is also known as a mood enhancer, happier people make better food choices, stick to the program and turn up to training and get the job done.  Shred is awesome, but can’t do it all, we need to eat well and put in the grind, Shred & Tyrosine make this easier to do.
    • Nb: Tyrosine may also assist in reducing the “come down” effect of caffeine, hence the No Crash feeling.

Australian Standards

  • TGA – Therapeutic Goods Agency, issue AUSTL number, which shows standards and labeling compliance with ongoing testing and product stability
    • Product Stability references the ingredient strength is the same at the date of expiry as per label.
    • Safe does NOT equal Soft (or Weak)
    • Safe = QUALITY, as humans we should want to put the “safest” or highest quality ingredients into our body as possible to achieve the result we’re after.  No point smashing the gym, eating with discipline and then hamstringing our results by using less than effective supplements in our program.
    • Hydroxyburn SHRED is a Listed Medicine, this is an assurance from you the retailer to your loyal customers that you are offering the most effective, tested and trustworthy product for them.

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