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HydroxyBurn SHRED - Fuel for the Fat Burning Life

The Most Potent Fat Burning Supplement on the Market:      HYDROXYBURN-SHRED
The supplement market has been absolutely saturated with products claiming to assist with fat burning.
Not all of them work for everybody. Factors like diet and exercise still need to play a very important role in gaining successful results from a fat burner.
Body Science have an extremely cutting edge fat burning range that I have used and trusted above any other supplement brand since I joined their ambassador team in 2012. I have used the range to assist with my own competition prep and also to ensure that my competition clients present their best condition on stage.
Recently, have been blown away yet again by Body Science's latest Neurothermogenic formula, introduced in 2015, Hydroxyburn-Shred.
This powdered formula has swept the floor of all other fat burning supplements currently available on shelves. It is scientifically proven to be the most potent and fastest thermogenic around. Hydroxyburn-Shred even has the power to break down extremely stubborn long term fat cells. Because of this, in 2015 I started recommending it to my lifestyle clients. These people are not bodybuilders. They are CEOs, small business owners, school mums who train for lifestyle, strength and weight management. These people do no follow their diets 100% of the time like my bodybuilding clients. They generally get their heads in the zone when preparing for a holiday or significant event in their lives - so tend to have higher levels of body fat than my bodybuilding clients.
This made a few of them perfect candidates for me to trial the speed and effectiveness of Hydroxyburn-Shred on people who were not bodybuilders or figure competitors.
I selected three clients who had not changed much for some time due to their lifestyles. I measured and weighed these clients the same day they were to start taking Hydroxyburn-Shred. I told them to change nothing else in their diets or cardio plans to what they were doing already. Then I had these three clients start taking Hydroxyburn-Shred once a day for 3 days and increasing to twice a day after that. 10 days later I measured and weighed each client again and was stunned.
All three had quite dramatic measurements results in all sites that I measured. They had all dropped weight and were looking leaner and tighter! This was incredible considering they were doing nothing else different other than taking Hydroxyburn-Shred.
Why did this work so effectively? One of the ingredients Hydroxyburn-Shred contains is large amounts of Green Tea. Green tea has the ability to increase your calorie burning by as high as 8% in total calories burned per day! So while my clients were eating their normal, healthy diets and doing their usual amount of training, the Green Tea extract was doing the extra work for them as if they were doing extra cardio! The other ingredients that I think made these results so effective is the Chromium, which helps to regulate carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism and also Hydroxycitric Acid. This ingredient helps to block the formation of fats – so no more fat cells could be made whilst on Hydroxyburn-Shred.
I was delighted with these results and these three clients were ecstatic! They loved the flavours and also the increased energy that Hydroxyburn-Shred gave them however some of the best feedback I had was how positive and happy they had been feeling recently. This was due to the ingredient Tyrosine. This is the ingredient that makes Hydroxyburn-Shred even more awesome.  It is the feel good supplement that lifts mood and increases productivity!
It was a shame my lifestyle clients were not comfortable with me sharing their photos so you will have to take my word on their results. However Bodyscience has done the extensive research, testing and gained the feedback in order to produce such an elite product, so we can rest assured that this product can work for almost anyone!
These clients had such good experiences on Hydroxyburn-Shred it got me wondering what it would do to me? I was off- season at the time but still in good enough condition that I could compete if I wanted to in a few weeks. I then forgot about my curiosity until last week.
One week I was having a rough week. I was overloaded with bookings for training and posing with many of my own clients as well as what feels like hundreds of casual clients. Clients flying in to see me from all around NZ – my week was jammed. On top of this my daughters (age 8 & 10) were being little madams all week and as a result I was exhausted and turning into Miss Grumpy!
On the Tuesday (as I was in between clients and trying to get my head in the zone to train myself) I had a brain wave! What better time to try Hydroxyburn-Shred!
I had a few sample sachets in my handbag so I fished one out and mixed up a Blue Lemonade flavour.
Within about 10 minutes I was feeling amped to train. That Tyrosine really is amazing, I couldn't believe the change in my mood!
I smashed out some hamstring and glutes training with my new training partner and enjoyed the intensity and energy that Hydroxyburn-Shred brought to my session.
The next day I took another Hydroxyburn-Shred sachet mid-morning at work after a stressful before school argument with my eldest daughter that left me feeling drained and emotional even before I had begun a full on day with clients. It was a good move. Watermelon flavour was delicious and shortly the feel good hit me and I proceeded with my day feeling fantastic and un-phased by the morning. At training time. I threw myself into 9 sets of pullups and the rest of my back day. I finished buzzing!
The Thursday morning while dressing I glanced in the mirror and did a double take!
I looked more shredded! My abs were harder and shoulders striated….OMG!
I chuckled to myself as I pulled on my PT uniform thinking how I had only done 2 days of Hydroxyburn-Shred (once a day each day) and I could already see the difference!
These are my own trials and experiences with Hydroxyburn-Shred. I would love to hear yours!
Fast forward now to 2017 and the results have continued to be sensational. I love seeing the results a few weeks on Hydroxyburn-Shred can provide when leading up to my pro competitions. I have put numerous bodybuilding clients and lifestyle clients on this fat burner also am encouraging many more clients and followers to get onto Hydroxyburn-Shred to fast track their goals. It is satisfying to be watching and hearing of the changes they are experiencing also.
I just love how Body Science never fails me. This is why I am honoured to continue to be a BSc ambassador as I truly believe in this brand, their product and their philosophy.
Johanna Mountfort
BSc ambassador
WFF Pro Figure Athlete
2014 Miss WFF World
2013 WFF Miss Universe
4 X Miss NZ Figure

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