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Acute stress, is the sudden urgent type of event in your life such as being attacked or in a crash etc, and our bodies response is to release Cortisol to aid in the physical support of that event.

It does this by increasing the craving of higher sugar and fatty foods for energy; increasing blood sugar; reducing the bodies process of using stored fat as energy; potentially catabolizing some muscle tissue from our extremities.....

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HydroxyBurn SHRED - Fuel for the Fat Burning Life

The Most Potent Fat Burning Supplement on the Market:      HYDROXYBURN-SHRED The supplement market has been absolutely saturated with products claiming to assist with fat burning. Not all of them work for everybody. Factors like diet and exercise still need to play a very important role in gaining successful results from a fat burner. Body Science have an extremely cutting edge fat burning range that I have used and trusted above any other supplement brand since I joined their ambassador team in 2012. I have used the range to assist with my own competition prep and also to ensure that my...

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Life in the Mum Lane – Comp Prep Style

By Courtney MacKenzie I am always asked “how do you do it?” I often wonder that myself!  Being a parent is a tough job as it is, and throwing extra activities into the mix can sometimes make life seem more stressful.  As a busy mum working full time it can be hard to squeeze exercise and healthy eating into your daily routine.  Sometimes the easy option is less stressful…trust me, I get it. But it doesn’t have to be!  I have learned that it is more about how you prioritise things and not sweating the small stuff.  I am a...

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JOHANNA MOUNTFORT I spent 12 years as a PT prior to becoming a professional bodybuilder. One of the most common things that I saw occurring in the gym was individuals lifting weights with minimal mind to muscle connection. Sure you can lift a weight but do you really understand HOW?? The action of lifting something requires a complex communication between the brain and the muscle groups involved via the spinal cord and the intricate neuromuscular system. So are you lifting or are you “connecting” with the action?Results can be fast tracked when the brain and the focus is truly engaged....

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MASS Gainer Shopping 101 - Its not all what they tell you.

As a young bodybuilder back in the early 90’s I would scour every mag that came out, read every article from Vince Taylors arm routine to the latest greatest new supplement, and I’d absorb every advert word for word believing it all. A before and after pic was the gospel truth and so when a Mass Gainer came along that showed a bodybuilder growing from Joe Shmoe to Mr Universe in a matter of months…all on just this mass gainer, I bought it. Much to my disappointment it didn’t happen for me that way Genetics or Training is all it...

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